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The company Manaona Island (LLC) is located in Madagascar, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, an island of a thousand scents and a thousand tastes.

Our team consists of committed people with unique experiences and knowledges transmitted from generation to generation.

Manaona Island, our know-how

We have chosen to use the local labour in order to create jobs for the unprivileged but talented fellow countrymen and women in Madagascar.

Manaona Island, raffia bags process, made of natural fibers

This is one of the multiple ways how Manaona Island contributes to the development of Madagascar.

Manaona Island, the Geneva branch

Manaona Island, vanilla, Geneva, jet d'eau



Our implementation in Switzerland was an obvious choice. The Swiss are environmentally conscious, turned towards the other, so are we in Manaona Island. We do believe that people with the same values are more prone to work together.

Sustainable development, Fairtrade and women empowerment

Manaona Island, Madagascar , working women

Madagascar is a country with an high agricultural potential and a great human capital. However, the Island is still part of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) with a 415US $ GDP per annum. Manaona Island creates employments, insures a fair distribution of wealth to its fellow farmers and craftsmen therefore guarantees them a sustainable income.

Manaona island stands for the principle of sustainable development by using renewable raw materials such as raffia and by applying the concept of efficient management of resources for its fine food products. These ways of working and living reflect its spirit: protecting environment for future generations.

Manaona Island, raffia, raw material, bags
Manaona Island, woman, malagasy

The Manaona Island team is mainly composed of women who have a natural sense of aesthetic. However, they struggle to find their place in the professional world especially in developing countries like Madagascar. We work together to empower them to become independent and integrate the society. 

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